Blutz will take place on the parking spot of the store: outdoor clubbing. Santa Gertrudis Ibiza
Time: 14.00 - sunset
Entrance: free!
Location: Santa Gertrudis (E)
Dresscode sexy

Contact info

To contact us, please click the provided link on top. For urgent matters you can call our voice system at 084-0030901 Leave your name, message and emailaddress and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Blutz DJ's

Here's a list of dj's spinning at our events:

  • Joeri
  • Lady Lago
  • Energy
  • Secret Simba
  • José
  • Santito
  • Eric v Kleef
  • Tremenda
  • Marc "O"
  • Iwan
  • Pedro
  • G-Spott
  • Montero
  • Miss Djackie
  • Bjorn Know How
  • Erick de Koning
  • Hank
  • El Toro
  • Lady Lago

about BLUTZ

Blutz... an experience, a brand... Blutz is an experience, Blutz is an adventure, Blutz is  irresistible, Blutz is a taste, Blutz is more... We offer a select group of people to join us and feel the 'Blutz Experience'. 
Blutz is a brand. Blutz is textiles, Blutz is electronics , Blutz is a thirst quencher, . Actually any sense undergoes a maximum incentive. Blutz stands for extreme quality in all respects.

The Blutz branded products are available in our store in Ibiza. A few times a year we are having a party..


BLUTZ impressions

Here are some impressions of (possible) BLUTZ locations where events will go.